KBO application and matters needing attention
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A suitable place
Industrial facilities
Distribution and motor protection and control systems in metallurgy, coal, steel, petrochemical, port, ship, railway and other fields;
The motor control center (MMC), in particular the intelligent electronic control system or the power distribution control and protection system, which requires the rated breaking capacity of Ics up to 80KA;
Single motor control and protection system;
Distribution center
Commercial and civil facilities
Electrical control and protection system for lighting, power conversion, pumps, fans, air conditioners, fire fighting and lighting in modern buildings;
Remote control lighting system.
Information processing center (banking, municipal, securities trading center, etc.)
Telecommunication room
Commercial building (shopping malls, supermarkets, supermarkets, etc.)
Port or railway system (airport, railway passenger transport center, etc.)
Highway lighting or ventilation system
Control and protection system (such as border post, radar station)
Fire system
Fire pumps, fans, etc.
Two, matters needing attention
1, equipment installation requirements
In order to ensure the accuracy of the protection of the KB0 installation connection wire shall comply with the requirements, should be carefully checked before using the coil voltage and accessories control power supply voltage is the same, so as not to damage the KB0. The operation knob should be able to operate normally, "AUTO" position, the electromagnet should attract, the operating knob is rotated to "OFF" position, the electromagnet is released, its mounting surface is allowed to rotate 90 degrees relative to its axis.
KB0, such as in the state of the trip (both rotating in the "TRIP" position), the knob should be turned to the re - position (RESET) and then spin to "AUTO" position, in order to achieve remote control.
In the process of transportation and storage should not be affected by wind and rain, before use should be placed in the daily average relative humidity is not greater than 90% (at 25 DEG C), the ambient temperature is not higher than +40 DEG C and not less than -25 degrees C warehouse
2 parameter setting and operation
Before running setup parameters to KB0 users, null parameter operation (in motor starting and running, press the set button is invalid), press the set button to select setting type, followed by the shift key, select the data shift, data modification according to the data key, a parameter setting is completed, then press the set button, enter the setting condition. A value to the end, without the option to abandon all settings, after parameter setting, press the reset button, exit the setting state.
Examples are as follows:
Product KB0-12/M12/06M motor 4KW settings: Is1 according to the actual motor current rotation to the corresponding set current value. Is2 adjust the current value according to the motor load or light load.

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