- The grammar sheet is meant to outline all the rules, and is not meant to effectively teach these rules.

- The vocabulary is a list of definitions and words in English, that are planned to have Tillo words assigned to them.
    In this HTML page, the vocabulary definitions are listed in one column, with the part of speech of the definition in another column. Other columns contain more information about the definition. The column that contains the words "duplicate" or "Unique" indicates whether the definition overlaps with another definition. I have been working to weed out overlapping definitions using excel to handle the large amount of data. All the definitions are written in English, with the idea that they will eventually become the definitions to Tillo words.
    The columns that are named after different languages will be filled with words from those languages that match the definitions. Each Tillo word will be chosen based on at least one word from one of those languages. Note that Ido represents romantic languages.
    Many definitions have the part of speech "how to create ....". This means that those words will be constructed by compounds of Tillo words.
    A last note: the terminology and definitions in this sheet are far from professional or standardized.


Billy Tetrud