Billy Tetrud

Billy Tetrud

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Key Skills

API Design
Protocol Design
Technical Writing
Team Leadership

Personal Profile

A passionate and collaborative API designer with over 10 years of experience in the software field building flexible, customizable systems. Comfortable building systems requiring high data-throughput and working on projects responsible for millions of dollars in revenue. Self-motivated and skilled in team management and leadership. Routinely produces innovative ideas including numerous open source projects.

Work Experience

Founder & CTO of Tixit

Jan 2014 - Present

  • Led the design and development of an extensible project management system initially targeting software teams.
  • Managed and grew the team from the initial 2 founders up to 10 team members, including 3 interns.
  • Built a fully functional platform that allows users to build and share plugins as well as full custom interfaces.
  • Designed and implemented the Remote Procedure and Event Protocol (a communication protocol) to facilitate client-server communication.
  • Built a view library called Gem.js to faciliate pure javascript views.
  • Created a number of other open source projects you can find on Tixit's github account.
  • Tixit is operational at
  • Tech & Techniques: Node.js, MongoDB, Webpack, Websockets, promises, observers, and test-driven development.

Product Development Lead at Entefy

Aug 2013 - Jan 2014

  • Designed and built Entefy's core backend system powering Entefy's communication applications from scratch.
  • Managed the contracter developing the Android mobile front-end.
  • Managed and mentored Entefy's intern.
  • Worked on conceptual product design, technical design, and implementation.
  • Technologies: Node.js, ElasticSearch, Cordova, Kendo UI, and RequireJS.

Monetization Development Lead at Playdom


  • Lead the development of the Monetization central-service team.
  • Implemented and maintained features responsible for generating millions of dollars in revenue and supported game-teams in integration of those features.
  • Designed standard communication APIs used company-wide by central services and game-teams to pass messages in a flexible and secure way.
  • Built an internal advertisement product and tools for creating sales and ad campaigns.
  • Designed cross-domain infrastructure originally used for enabling facebook credits in the payments iframe (hosted in a separate domain)
  • Designed game-agnostic payments styling and customization infrastructure.
  • Wrote API documentation and usage guides alongside features with non-internal interfaces.
  • Technologies: Java, Hibernate-MySQL, Struts, JSP, jQuery, and Javascript.

Full-Stack Developer at Qenso

Nov 2008 - Dec 2009

  • Developed the frontend and backend of Qenso's Javascript/AJAX heavy application.
  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, javascript, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Summer Programming Intern at Numenta


  • Technologies: C++.


UC Santa Barbara

BS in Computer Engineering

  • Courses emphasized electrical engineering, digital hardware, networking, and programming languages.
  • Led senior engineering group project to design and build a peer-to-peer Wireless Ad-hoc Mesh network.

Personal Projects

  1. Proof of Time-Ownership Feb 2018
    A hybrid PoW/PoS cryptocurrency consensus protocol.
  2. Bitcoin Fee Statistics Dec 2017
    Calculates fee stats using's API.
  3. Deadunit 2013-2015
    A javascript unit testing library for node.js and the web.
  4. Perfund 2010-2011
    PHP web application for lending between friends.
  5. Sqool 2009-2010
    A database abstraction layer for PHP.
  6. Lithium 2008
    A parser generator.
  7. "The Economics of SkyTran in San Francisco" 2008
    A study on SkyTran's large-scale economic effects.
  8. Lima 2004-present
    A language-oriented programming language.

Other Skils

C && C++
Unix Shell Scripting


Computer Networking
Science Fiction
Music Editing
Interface Design
Programming Language Design