Belmont, CA
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Tixit Founder Belmont, CA Jan 2014 - Present
Building an extensible project management system initially geared toward software projects. The product is currently being developed using Node.js, Webpack, MongoDB, WebSockets, and Gem.js, and is being tested using deadunit.
Entefy Product Dev Lead Palo Alto, CA Aug 2013 - Jan 2014
While on the Product Development team, worked on conceptual product design, technical design, and implementation. Designed and built Entefy's core backend system powering Entefy's communication applications from scratch using Node.js and ElasticSearch. Was part of the Product Devlopment Team working on conceptual product design, technical design, and implementation. Also used Cordova, Kendo UI, and RequireJS, among other things before switching to backend work.
Playdom Monetization Dev Lead Palo Alto, CA 2009-2013
Worked on a central-service team (Monetization) implementing and maintaining features responsible for generating millions of dollars in revenue, and supporting game-teams in integrating those features. Developed full-stack with Java/Hibernate-MySQL/Struts-JSP/jQuery-javascript. Wrote documentation alongside features with non-internal interfaces. Monitored live site logs and debugged issues that arise. I designed Monetization's communication API standard used by game-teams to pass messages to Monetization and other central services in a flexible and secure way, built an adunit infrastructure, built tools for creating sales and ad campaigns, designed cross-domain infrastructure originally used for enabling facebook credits in the payments iframe (hosted in a separate domain), designed game-agnostic payments styling and customization infrastructure.
Qenso Full-Stack Developer Sharon Heights, CA Nov 2008 - Dec 2009
Developed the frontend and backend of Qenso's Javascript/AJAX heavy application. Developed on a PHP/MySQL/jQuery-javascript stack running on Amazon Web Services.
Numenta Summer Intern Menlo Park, CA 2007
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Summer Intern Stanford, CA 2006


UC Santa Barbara BS in Computer Engineering Santa Barbara, CA 2004-2008
Courses emphasized electrical engineering, digital hardware, networking, and programming languages. Conceived of and led senior engineering group project to design and build a peer to peer wireless device. We built the device from basic digital components (screen, buttons, processor, and radio module), created a rudimentary operating system with both text and drawing capabilities, and built a two-player version of tetris played with two separate modules communicating wirelessly.


  1. February 2015 to Present - Gem.js: a javascript view library for the web
  2. June 2013 to 2015 - Deadunit: a javascript unit testing library for node.js and the web
  3. May 2013 to Jan 2014 - porting Perfund to Node.js
  4. 2010-2011 - Perfund - PHP web application for lending between friends
  5. July 2009 to mid 2010 - Sqool, a database abstraction layer for PHP.
  6. Nov-Dec 2008 - Completed Lithium, a Parser Generator I designed.
  7. 2008 - Finalized my paper entitled "The Economics of SkyTran in San Francisco" and published it online.
  8. 2004 to present - Working on Lima, a programming language I'm designing.



Best with: Java, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, Node.js, CSS, LESS, C
Good with: SQL, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, C++, STL, JSP and Struts, Hibernate, Unix shell scripting, Python


MS Excel, Mathematica, Photoshop, and the basics


Primarily works under Windows, but familiar with Mac OS and very familiar with Unix/Linux command-line. Excellent writing skills. Ability to innovate and produce creative ideas.


Programming language design, interface design, economics, government, computer networking, science fiction, physics, invention, music editing and mixing.
Can send recommendations upon request.