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Sqool is an extendible object-oriented database abstraction layer. It doesn't require any configuration or any knowlege of SQL at all.


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Economic Report on SkyTran in San Francisco

This report started as a project for my high school economics class, but about a year later I was compelled to rework the values and rewrite the report more professionally. I tried to make this report as professional and accurate as possible. The values are all modified to reflect the tendency of the real world to thwart idealistic predictions - thus all my predictions are worse than ideal. Even so, the report shows astounding promise for this particular Personal Rapid Transit system in the setting of San Francisco.


Lithium Parser Generator

LiPG is a project I started so I could easily program the Lima programming language. It is a relatively intuitive format that makes it easy and simple for different parsers to interact.


Lima programming

Lima is a programming language I've designed to incorporate all aspects of programming into one simple but powerful language. Think the power of lisp, the asthetics of python, and the elegance of a gazelle.


Internet Protocol version 5 is a version of IP that is meant to replace both IPv4 and IPv6 (if that ever makes it into the real world). IPv5 incorporates aspects of IPv4 and IPv6 along with simple options that allow IPv5 to be more flexible and sleeker than both.


Tillo/ tilq

Tillo is a language I have developed (and may continue to develop) in my spare time. It is meant to be a practical language that is made easy to both learn and speak by simplifying and systemizing grammar syntax, by systemizing and removing redundancies from the vocabulary without removing the degrees of freedom a language should have. It also has heavy focus on mathematical and scientific language, symbols, and representation - especially on computers. Representations for things like elements, units of measurement, and systematic scientific variables, will be defined in such a way to allow no ambiguities and allow symbols to transcend disciplines without confusion.

As it stands, there is *no* vocabulary yet. The vocabulary will draw from 12 of the most spoken languages (romantic languages will be represented by the Ido vocabulary, which stems from Esperanto), so that the language would be easy to learn for most people in the world. Currently, the vocabulary is described by definitions (in English) that should be in the language. I'm still developing the list of definitions that need words attached to them, and I need to finish that before I start assigning words.

Documentation (HTML)

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Wireless Ad-hoc Mesh Network

My classmate Sepand Parhami and I won 2nd place for our Senior Engineering Capstone project in 2008. We designed and build a set of 5 handheld wireless devices that could create a mesh network among themselves, using the network to text-message or play two-player games that we built from scratch over the network. We also built a micro-operating-system from scratch to run these programs, including a custom display driver and a driver for our hand-built keyboard.

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